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leasing & Property management services

Rental Property Types

For the past 5 years, we have worked with various property management and rental management companies and have managed everything from individual condo units to large multiplex homes. We can ensure that your property or unit is taken care of with professional consistency either through management, corporate relocation or both services. 

Single Family Homes

Condominium Units

Multi Family Properties

Investment Properties

Furnished and Unfurnished Rentals

Executive Homes and Suites

Our team of property specialists will advise you on how to maximize profit for your investment property. We're owners too, we want our properties full and respectfully tenanted for the value its worth and we that is what we strive for on every lease we execute.






























Our Property Marketing Services

+ Comparative Market Analysis

We combine our innovative software and extensive experience in leasing to ensure your property is listed at a price to rent, at the current market rate.

+ Property Marketing

Your property needs the best exposure possible.  We use the top rental websites available, coupled with professional photos, social media marketing and more to generate interest for your property. We also have a corporate relocation database of potential tenants that are looking to move into the GTA.

+ Tenant Placement (Corporate Relocation)

We specialize and work exclusively with corporate relocation agencies and clients that are seeking to place their employees into the Greater Toronto Area. Our industry connections to relocation companies, HR departments and staffing agencies help us to make connections with many tenants living abroad.


+ Screening

We thoroughly screen prospective tenant(s) to include background checks, eviction history, credit checks, professional and personal references, employment history and income verification. We work hard to ensure you have quality tenant(s).

+ Lease Signing & Deposit Collection

We can execute a customized tenant lease agreement that is comprehensive yet simple for all parties to understand while being in compliance with the Ontario Residential Tenancy Agreement and collect deposits for first and last month's rent along with refundable key deposits.













Our Property Management Services

+ Rental Collection and Payments

We accept a variety of payment methods and collect rent on a monthly basis and typically directly deposits the rent into your account every month. Whether or not our tenant guarantee program is provided, a follow up ensues and appropriate action is taken if rent is not received by the tenant. 

+ Property Assessments

We conduct an inspection (either at move-out or mid-lease) and our thorough evaluation helps you take care of any issues before they escalate and ensures that tenants are compliant with the lease terms.

+ Property Maintenance

We have dedicated network of maintenance partners that provide quality services that are cost-effective. We co-ordinate any and all repairs and maintenance that are required. When something happens that you need to know about we notify you, but we handle it so you don't have to.

+ Property(s) Statements & Notifications

Every month, you'll receive a detailed statement that is clear and accessible. All invoices and accounting are summarized for you on your monthly statement. 

We will inform you via email when funds have been added to your account, when there is a maintenance request, when tenants have given notice to vacate, and communication that requires your attention.

+ Legal Services

The lease that we have with the tenants of your property governs our conduct with them. Our legal partners are available to help owners with any legal issues pertaining to the property that arise during tenancy. We are up-to-date on all changes in the Ontario real estate laws so we can ensure that both parties are always compliant with current regulations. We will act on your behalf and provide you with the necessary resources to protect your investment.











! Realtor Offer !


When referring clients to us to fill vacancies - we charge 1 month's rent and will pay you 25% of the fee for the referral.

You are able to assist your client(s) in filling a cavancy and keep your relationship intact while saving your tieme to focus on sales.

We have systems and screening processes in place to ensure that the best tenants are chosen ensuring a good outcome for your client.

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Handing Over Keys
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